Neumann Neumann KM84i | SNR 43722

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Neumann KM84i | Vintage small diaphragm condenser mic

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The Neumann KM84i was developed in the mid 1960´s and it was the first phantom powered condenser mic neumann ever build. The KM84 is a small diaphragm condenser mic with a near-perfect cardioid pattern which maintains frequency response even 130-degrees off-axis and yields a very natural sound without comb-filtered artifacts due to bleed from other instruments.
As is the case with all Neumann products, the "i" designation is for microphones that shipped with an XLR output connector for export to the US. KM 84 (no i) is electrically the same, but has a din-type Tuchel connector for the output.
The mic offered here has the serial number 43733. It is one of the later microphones. The microphone was tested and had a normal noisefloor and no distortion. It works well even though the cosmetic condition is not mint. 








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