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Neumann U47 vintage condenser tube microphone
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This is a rare vintage Neumann U47 condenser tube microphone. If you are ready to aim for the holy grail, you´ll certainly be well informed about this legend. Together with the AKG C12 (TELEFUNKEN ELAM 251) or the Neumann M49 the U47 is one of the most sought after microphones in the world. It is not easy to find a good one, even if you are ready to pay the going price. Most of the mics either lack the original psu, the VF14M tube or have technical issues. While working with a new psu doesn´t change the sound and only reduces the value for a collector, working with a mic that has a Nurvistor tube or one of the modern clones inside, is a totally different thing. They still sound amazing, but compared to a maintained Neumann U47 with the original VF14M inside, they are inferior.

The mic offered here is 100% original and in technical mint condition. The capsule was recently re-skinned by Mr. Thiersch and the PSU is still the original one. We refurbished the parts inside with original ones and could even manage to find a new (NOS) Telefunken VF14M tube. If you are ready for a Neumann U47, this is your chance to grab a good one! And please...don´t buy one of the clones, before you compared with the original one! 


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