Neumann U87 vintage Mikrofon | 7-pin Tuchel

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Neumann U87 vintage Mikrofon | 7-pin Tuchel. No AI version
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We are offering  a rare vintage Neumann U87 microphone with 7-pin Tuchel connector. (Not the Ai version!)

The Neumann U87 is a legend and can be found in nearly all major studio facilities the world. It has become the standard vocal microphone in any professional studio. Not much needs to be said. The U87 with the old Tuchel 7-pin connector sounds different to the later U87Ai. It´s often described as warmer or darker sounding than the Ai´s. 
The U87 offered here is in technically good condition, but there´s some wear on the surface. Please check the pictures of the inner parts such as the capsule, the tubes and other components. The offer includes the 7-pin cable and the original Neumann Box as shown on the pictures.



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