Calrec M3 Mini Mixer | small analog 26/8/2 channel desk

Calrec M3 Mini Mixer | small analog 26/8/2 channel desk
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We´re selling a Calrec M3 Mini Mixer with 26 mic-line channels configured as described below. We have carefully tested all functions of the desk and only found 3 issues, which we all fixed. It is in pretty good shape and comes with the complete cableing, the extra limiters and the original Calrec linar psu. I have the manual as PDF only and will send it to the buyer. This desk was made for the BBC and has a very good build quality. It is fully analog, but not discrete. It seems to be designed in the same time period as the SSL 9000 and Neve VR desks. Analog, good sounding, high quality industrie standard. Not the „home recording quality“ the former big name companies sell today.  
The stereo channels also have mic preamps. All channels have a very musical and flexible eq with additional hp-lp filters, 4 aux-sends, AFL. PFL. Solo isolate function, Routing to groups and busses. Switchable eq and inserts and many more features you would rather expect from large formal analog desks.
The size of the desk is: 84w x 66d x 38h
The configuration includes:
14 x PQ5122 Dual Mono channel strips (2 inputs - either or - per channel on XLR at the back) - switchable 2nd input from Mic to Line on internal dip switches - This have 3 bands of EQ, with sweepable frequencies, 4 x auxes + dedicated Direct outs trim.
6 x PQ5123 Stereo channel strips (L&R or mono)
4 x stereo Groups/buses XL5126. Theyalso have direct inputs.
1 x Main 1 output LC5127 + 1 x Main 2 output LC5128. Both have dynamics you can add into the path!
1 x ML4952 & 1 x ML4953 (Control room & Studio LS) 
4 x optional extra Calrec compressor/limiters - DL3678-2 
2 x MU3663 VU Meters (capable of M/S and monitoring both Main outputs)
1x Calrec ZN3018 psu
We checked the desk and couldn´t find any more issues than the three we fixed. We also connected the cables to test all inserts and direct outs. Still this is a complex analog system and we did not refurbish it or give it a recap so far. We are selling this desk as is with no further warranty since it is heavy and shipping might be expansive depending on the destination. We would prefer a local pickup deal. This way you can make a full test in our studio and see that everything work well. We just can´t take the risk of paying shipping twice cause a customer might find a loose knob or scratchy pot or whatever a desk of this age can have. 


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