EMT A400 16+4/4 mixer | SOLD!!!

Refurbished and very rare EMT A400 16+4/4 multioutput mix system
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We are offering a rfurbished and very rare EMT A400 16+4/4 multioutput mixsystem for the first time ever. The EMT multioutput mixsystem was EMTs answer to the legendary STUDER 961 and 962 portable mixing desks, which were studio standard at nearly all german any many international bradcast stations. While a STUDER 962 is rare and highly sought after, this desk is even rarer. In the past 15 years, we had more than 30 962 desks, but never one of these in stock. We decided to completly refurbish this desk and make it a technically perfect and beautyful looking collectors item. 

During the refurbishment all knobs, the faders, the frasme and the surface were cleaned and parts were renewed. All potentiometers, trimmer and faders were either cleaned and serviced or replaced. The knobs turn easy and the faders run very smooth now. All capüacitors, also the expensive ones in the psu were exchanged. This desk is as new as a >30 year old desk can be. 

Features of the 16 A111 input channels:
72dB mic preamp
20dB line preamp
3-band eq with semiparametric mid band and a cut-off filter switch
4-Aux-Sends (pre/post)
phase reverse
phantom power
group routing 1-4
Filter on/off
Fader with LED-strip
Features of the A112 group modules:
HL-input with Fader and Pan / PFL
Limiter with Recovery-Time, Link-Funktion, Threshold LED and on/off button
master fader
Master section:
4 Aux-Masters with LED-strips for level control, level pot 
TB mic input (XLR) 
OSC with three frequencies.
Various selection buttons for internal and external sources
Speaker Level


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