Neumann / Telefunken Mischpult | Vintage Dannerformat | DIY

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Neumann / Telefunken Mischpult | Vintage Dannerformat | DIY

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Neumann / Telefunken Mischpult | Vintage Dannerformat | DIY
Only some items on stock - order quickly! Weight: 400 kg
This is another chance to buy an ultra rare classic. This Neumann / telefunken Mixing desk was custom build for the german television ZDF in the early 1980´s. It was one of the last Telefunken builds before they closed their pro audio business. It was very common for those danner cassette desks to house modules from different brands, so this one has Telefunken group and aux routings, neumann Faders and Filtek equalizers. The cables were all cut, so it needs to be rewired. Also it is not refurbished yet. Prices depend on the condition and terms of the deal and go from nice opportunity to "idontcarecusi´msofuckinrichandiwantthebeastnow!
Before we tear it apart to fill our VT19-1U and VT19-5u racks and sell the rest in pieces we list it here for about 2-4 weeks maximum. If you were looking for  a really unique desk in the top range, call now. It might be too late later. :-(
The desk contains the frame, feet, metal parts and:
220 of the rare T2701 connectors
36 Neumann W444 Faders
36 Filtek MK3 Equalizers
36 Telefunken Routing and Aux Modules.
Plus the compressors and all the stuff you see on the pics.
Eventually I will also sell the bridge with the input selection (mic, line, generator, phase reverse) via rotary switches and the TAB V376 and Telefunken V676a preamps.



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