STUDER 903 series custom mixer | refurbished

Custom made and refurbished STUDER 900 series ind extraordinary condition and configuration.
Only some items on stock - order quickly! Weight: 400 kg

Custom made STUDER 903 series analog mixing desk in extraordinary condition and configuration. No second desk in this configuration available! We have completely refurbished and customnized this desk for usage in our own studio. 

Features and modifications:
Size of the mixing desk: 175cm x 100 cm (b/t)
24 mic-line channels, all A-version with HP/TP filters and 4-band eq.
8x stereo groups. They can be assigned from all channels and have plasam meters, aux-sends and balanced inserts and direct outs.
Channels 1-24 have LED metering
Channels 1-24 have custom balanced direct-outs for recording.
All channels groups and busses have inserts
plasma meters for all groups, aux-sens, aux-returns and busses
Lagre monitor section
Nice looking original STUDER  wooden sidepanels

ALL modules (faders, channels, groups, busses, masters, meters and stabilizers) have been recappt and refurbished. This desk is practically new!


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