19" 3ru patchfield | 96x TT & 12x EDAC plus MC´s

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Custom 19“ 3ru patchbay | 96x TT & 12x EDAC connectors and multicores
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Custom made 19“ 3ru patchfield with 4x 24 tt-phone plugs on the front and 12x EDAC multipin connectors on the back. The 56-pin EDACs are often used on british desks and outboard made by SSL, Neve, Trident, CADAC, Calrec, etc. Together with the patchbay you will also get six multicore cables as listed below:


1x   9m | EDAC-Jack 1/4“

1x 10m | EDAC-Jack 1/4“

1x 10m | EDAC-XLR male

1x 10m | EDAC-XLR female

1x 10m | EDAC-EDAC

1x 4m | EDAC - loose end (cut off)


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