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Vintagetools VTCR custom rack including two V72 tube mic preamp, ramped phantom power module, gain pad and a 238V/115V AC input to 220V AC output power transformer

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We are offering another rare and unique piece of history here. This vintagetools custom rack (VTCR) includes two refurbished Siemens V72 tube mic preamps with gain controll and ramped phantom power, plus a modded and refurbished TAB U73 (b) tube compressor. The rack is already prepared for another TAB V76 tube mic preamp module which we already sold separatly. Everything is already wired and the V76 module must only be inserted in the empty slot on the left. No screws, wiring, etc. needed.

The custom front plate on the right hand side shows all the additional features we implemented here. The original 1960´s Telefunken knobs are sunk in the panel and sit on gold plated ELMA rotary knobs fitted with  mil grade resistors. Here´s a list of the features:

  1. We implemented a ramped phantom power module in the rack. Phantom Power for preamps can be switched ON and OFF individually. the ramp time saves the input transformers of the tube amps.
  2. All four tube modules can be switched ON and OFF individually in order to save tube life and for a lower current consumption. If you only use one module, just leave the rest turned off!
  3. We added gain control for the two V72 tube preamps via gold-plated ELMA rotary switches. Gain is attenuated in 11 steps each 3db.  
  4. The TAB U73 tube compressor was refurbished and modded by vintagetools. First we added a 6-step rotary switch for release times, which makes the U73 a U73b and than we also added 6 attack times. This is a unique modification which makes the U73 very usable for many setups. The attack and release mod makes this rare and still fastest tube compressor ever build a totally unique item. To round it up, we also added a VU meter for gain reduction.

The included vintage tube modules are already rare and highly sought after. With the unique modification of the compressor, the professional built of the rack, all the custom features and the fact that it comes with warranty from a pro audio company, it is an outstanding piece of gear. If you can afford this, it´s a must in the world.




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