10x Neumann SKF Routing modul | vintage danner

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10x Neumann SKF Routing modul | vintage danner
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We are offering a set of rten Neumann routing modules in creme color (RAL 1015). This is ideal for your DIY racking or mixer project. One mono source cam be routed to 0-10 outputs with an optional relais card. We also offer 19" racks and a professional racking service, if you don´t want to build this by yourself. Look out for the VT19-1U and VT19-5U racks in the shop. 

2x Neumann SKF Routing modules with 10 channels plus insert on-off switch

We stock enough modules, frames and parts for your custom mixer project. Even if only one set is listed in the shop we have many more. There are 6 more sets like this without joysticks and 10x stereo sets available. Enough for a huge Neumann mixer project. Also other configurations for your DIY mixer project are possible. This is only one of many examples. We also stock frames, connectors, schematics, etc.

For all questions about custom mixer projects and racks, please browse our shop, our youtube channel or send us an email!



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