ANT 10-ch DIY mixer bundle | aux, routing, fader

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ANT 10-ch DIY mixer bundle | aux, routing, fader
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We´re offering a nice and rare bundle of 30 danner cassette modules mage by the german company ANT. ANT was the Telefunken Pro Audio successor in the 1980´s, after Telefunken stopped production of hi end pro audio and broadcast gear. Same factory, same techs and employees. :-)

If you ever thoght about building your own custom vintage analog mixer from danner cassettes, you might have found out, that finding aux-send, routing and pan cassettes can get much harder, than finding the eq´s and preamps. Reason for that is, that most of the so called Sonderkassetten were trashed, when the mixers left the radio stations and only some mic preamps, plasma meters, faders, dynamics and eq´s survived to get a second life in a19" rack. Noone thought you´d ever need those modules again. Now I get inquiries about complete mixers or parts for DIY desks and people tell me how hard it is to source 20 or more of the same aux-sends, etc. The bundle offered here is for 3x 10 cassettes, but at this moment we stock 24 of each. Don´t wait too long, if you make plans for your desk... .-)
The modules shown on the pictures are included in the bundle and listed here:
10x passive fader ANT W601 mono (Danner K70B). We also stock the VCA card EB601, if you need this.
10x Aux-Send modules: 6x Aux-Sends (Pre/Post), Direct-Out and pan. Größe A1. Haufe x-former and relais included.
10x Routing module: ANT 61.8006.222.00. Routes to six groups and four masters. Of cause you can also make this a 8 group 2 mster routing., Insert und 48V switch plus rotary switch by ELMA. Relais included. No extra card needed!
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