Neumann W495STB (white)

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3-band Neumann stereo eq in white
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The Neumann W495stb was the successor of the PEa and OEV equalizers. All of them were used in lathe mastering consoles. The consoles used them in conjunction with the Neumann U473 dynamic modules for preview and programm. One can say, that 90% of all vinyl deiscs made between the 1970´s and 1990´s were mastered with these Neumann cassettes. Today the Neumann stereo eq´s belong to the most sought after danner cassette modules at all. 
The W 495 STB equalizer is a two channel unit in one danner A1 size cassette.Each channel consists of a low and a high frequency filter, a boost-cut filter with switchable bandwidth and an amplifier all combined into a single active unit. For high and low frequency equalization there are each three cutoff frequencies available, and for boost-cut equalization 11 center frequencies may be selected. The controls are coupled to adjust both channels simultaneously. However it is possible to switch each channel independently with a push button to a flat frequency response. This enables the user to affect only one of the two channels. The equalizer (device) is also available in a single channel version with the designation W 495 B.
There must be a reason why the Neumann W495stb is one of the most sought after danner cassettes. It isn´t as flexible as the Filtek MK3 with it´s 3 fully parametric bands and the additional hp- and lp- filters, but when it comes to sound, the W495 beats them all. The 10k at the hi band add sweet and silky heights while the low band adds bottom without sounding muddy. Perfect as a bus eq, mastering eq or in the insert of the Sonic Summarizer PRO.
- Transformer balanced input
- For floating operation the W 495 STB stereo unit must be connected to a separate transformer. such as Neumann 09463002. The W 495 B mono equalizer is already equipped with a transformer.

- 5-band EQ with independent bypass switch for each side.

- HF Filter: Shelving ±15dB | 7kHz | 10kHz | 14kHz
- MF Filter: Parametric | 3 selectable Q´s| ±10dB | 175Hz | 250Hz | 350Hz | 500Hz | 700Hz | 1.0kHz | 1.4kHz | 2.0kHz | 2.8kHz | 4.0kHz | 5.6kHz

- LF Filter: Shelving ±15dB | 40Hz | 60Hz | 100Hz
- Low distortion & noise floor
- Operating voltage = 24 V DC | max. current 140mA

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