NTP 177-800

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Stereo Peakmeter cassette. Smaller than Danner A1!
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The 177-800 bar graph peak pro- gramme meter is designed with a view to cost efficiency. The result is a very price-effective instrument in an excellent quality with high perfor- mance. Cost efficiency is achieved through simplicity and modularity. Thus conventional wiring is omitted and the various components of the instrument are mounted on three plug-in boards interconnected by a small board. By feeding the electronically balanced inputs from an isolated power supply, floating inputs have been achieved without adding the cost of input transformers. Note that the traditional two-part connector on the rear is replaced by a gold-plated card edge connector. The instrument complies with the DIN 45406 and the IEC 268-10 standards and is available in both horizontal and vertical versions with a variety of scales. 

- Bright, 127 mm orange bar graph display.
- Overload range clearly indicated by a significant increase in light intensity.
- Modular design, all active components mounted on inter- changeable plug-in boards.
- Compact mechanical design, only 
160x40 mm panel cut-out. (No dannercassette!!!)
- Price-effective. 



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