NTP 377/700

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Stereo video PPM in a 19 inch 1ru chassis
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The NTP 377-700 provides the operator with an effective means of monitoring and checking the audio  level. An easily readable, yet non-disturbing audio level meter is superimposed on the video signal. The scale markings and the butterfly- shaped pointers appear black and white on the screen and are easily spotted on any background. The 377-700 is a very compact (19", 1U) fully self-contained unit. Remote blanking of scales is available via the a D type connector. The horizontal placement of each scale can be freely adjusted. The instrument may be ordered with two selectable time constants (peak/ VU). 

- Audio level indication (Peak or VU) is superimposed on a video monitor providing simultaneous - monitoring of audio and video.
- The combined black-and-white display pattern assures a clear and easily readable display on - any background (B&W or colour), with minimum disturbance to the picture.
- Horizontal position of the display is adjustable.
- Meter ballistics may be set to peak or VU.
- Remote blanking of level display Self-synchronizing to 625 or 525 line-scan.
- Video loop-through connection with switchable line termination.



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