ANT V682/6

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distribution amp mit 6 outputs
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Distribution Amplifier V 682/3, V 682/4, V 682/6
For reactionless distribution of modulation signals to max. 6 users.
Its excellent data enable operation even under strong requirements.
V 682/3 with 3 outputs
V 682/4 with 4 outputs
V 682/6 with 6 outputs
its outstanding features are:
Balanced, floating inputs
Additional balanced, floating junction input
Balanced, floating output
Output level +22 dBm
Gain adjustment :1 dB
Line equalisation and gain control (—6dB . . . +15dB) via external wiring
Operation voltage control by means 01 LED
Plug in control
No impairment on outputs at sustained short circuit of the rest of outputs at nominal level
Distortion even at 40 Hz ≤ 0.1 %
The construction of the V682 is a PC board Eurosize C 1. It is operated in custom frames eg. S367, S368.
Due to compact construction (board width 28mm) high number of outputs and low power consumption large distribution systems are realisable under minimum space and power requirements.
Standard model of the V682 is the PC board.
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