Lawo W989/1

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active pan module
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Lawo W989/1 | cctive stereo paning and MS/XY matrix 
The Lawo W989/1, build in an A1 danner cassette can be used as a tool to place stereosignals right in your mix. You can place the signals (also mono) with a pan function and change their width. 

In pos. 1 the width won´t be affacted, position 2 means max. width and position 0 is full mono.
The cassette can also swap the sides of the stereosignal.
  • Input can be MS or XY.
  • Output is always XY
  • Position change with a 15-step rotary switch L... M... R
  • 19-step rotary switch for width. 0 ...1... 2
  • noisefree operation
  • side swap function


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