2x Neumann PV76 mic preamp | matched pair

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Ultra rare pair of Neumann PV76 mic preamps
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2x Neumann PV76 mic preamp | matched pair!

The PV76 is a very early Neumann mic preamp design from the 1960´s, when Neumann started to build modules for broadcast and recording mixers. Based on silicium-planar transistors the PV76 is one of the most sought after mic preamps in the danner cassette format today. 

The whole Neumann PV76 design was based on silicium-planar transistors. It also features high quality components such as mu-metal shields, huge transformers in the whole audio signal path and quality rotary switches. The whole design is maximum quality and the specs correspond to the request of the  "ARD-Pflichtenheft" and the IRT. The PV76 is an A1 size danner cassette and fits in our VT19-1U and VT19-5U racks.

The Neumann PV76 definatly adds character and tone to any source. With three large transformers per module plus two top-quality Neumann inductors, they have a thick presence that is hard to compare with other (later) designs which were based on newer transistors. They are excellent on any source, but specially when you record acoustic instruments you will hear the difference!  Like the other vintage german broadcast amps of this era  they are in no way inferior to a vintage Neve, API or SSL preamp. But (still) much cheaper. 76 dB  is more than enough gain. Even for the most sensitive ribbon mics.


  • Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • All discrete circuitry
  • Up to 76 dB gain in 6dB increments
  • Gain fine tuning adjustment knob up to 10dB
  • Selectable high pass filter at 40Hz, 80Hz and 120Hz
  • Needs Tuchel 13-pin connector and 24DC psu (plus 48V DC for phantompower)


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