ANT V672a

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mono multipurpose and mic preamp on euro card
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ANT Telefunken V672a

The V672 multi purpose amp was designed by Telefunken in the 1960s and built by Telefunken und later  ANT in the versions V672, V672a/1 or /2 and V672D. When Telefunken stopped building broadcast equipment, ANT was founded to continue their work and provide service for the Telefunken gear installed in many studios in this time. In several treads we read about advantages and disadvantages of ANT vs. Telefunken or one V672x version against the other. As always, you can find tons of wrong information in the internet. ANT equipment was in no way inferior to Telefunken. In fact the same guys worked there and some of the designs are 100% Telefunken. Just another brand on the label. 

The ANT V672 is a discrete and transformer balanced amp with 43dB of gain. When modded as a mic preamp, we can give it up to 60dB of gain with linear frequency response. Besides using it as a mic preamp, you can make the ANT V672 work as a level-, sum-, distribution-, or seperating amp. Their electrical data is variable by means of appropriate external wiring at the connection strip.

Open and transparent. Precise detection and a little coloration in the mids. Good preamp for drums, bass, electric guitar and rock vocals.

▪ floating transformer balanced I/O´s
▪ 43dB of gain without modification or 60dB of gain when used as mic preamp.
▪ good THD values and low noisefloor
▪ Needs 32-pin-connector and 24DC psu (plus 48V DC for phantompower when used as a mic preamp)

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