SSL SL501 mic preamp and SL542 eq

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SSL SL501 mic- line preamp and SL542 eq modules from SSL 5000 series desks.
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SSL SL501 mic- line preamp module and SL542 4-band equalizer from SSL 5000 series desks. The 500 series was developed for the broadcasting industry and had a much higher quality level than the famous 4000 series found in audio studios. While the SSL 4000 E and G series was already expansive, the 5000 was out of range for most clients. The high demands of the broadcasting industry led to an individual module- instead of channelstrip design, transformers everywere and problems with many logical functions. The technicians called it a nightmare to service and the 5000 series was soon stopped by SSL. The modules themselves are of a very high build quality and when put in a rack there are no service problems as the occured with computers and total recall mostly. This is a very good sounding and hard to find channel strip. We don´t offer racks for them, but a guy in england does. Goolge will help if you don´t know how to build your own rack as a DIY project.

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