TAB V376 mic preamp | Telefunken branded

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TAB V376 mic preamp | Telefunken branded
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The TAB V376 was the first solid state successor of the legendary TAB V76 tube preamp. Today those early solid state modules are highly sought after and a legend on their own. Together with AEG/Telefunken the german company TAB developed the V300/V600 series in the mid 60´s of the last century. The modules from both companies shared the same size and could be mounted in 3ru DIN racks. Since the 19" format was not invented yet, you need to cut down these DIN racks in order to rack your V 376 or V676a modules in a 19" studiorack. Of cause you (we) can also build a custom rack from scratch. 

The TAB V 376 mic preamps are completely based on discrete circuitry with silicon planar transistors inside. Same as the V76 tube preamp the unit has a maximum gain of 76dB and some roll-off frequencies to choose from. Those are the common 40, 80 and 140 Hz. Gain is controlled via 11-step gold plated rotary switches and an additional potentiometer for a6dB fine trim.

The TAB V376 mic preamp combines a detailed and balanced tone with a subtle mid coloration to a vintage character. Sounds very similar to the 1973 Telefunken V676a preamp and close to the Siemens Sitral V276 which was released earlier in the 1960´s.

- Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
- 76dB of gain controlled by a rotary switch and a potentiometer


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