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VTCR | 19" 5ru custom rack with two vintage TAB U73 limiters.
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This is another unique vintagetools custom rack. There´s only one chance to buy it, cause there won´t be a second one like this. This rack is 19" 5ru big and made of solid steel. It was CAD designed, custom build and powder coated in glossy deep black, to fit the look of other gear out of the 1950´s era. This rack is loaded with two very rare TAB U73 tube limiters. The fact that they have serial numbers 1164 and 1165 makes them even rarer. We refurbished the limiters with a lot of care. The U73 is a three stage push/push variable mu design with a theoretical compression ratio of 100 to 1. It is still the fastest tube compressor ever built due to its forward triggered side chain. It normally has no input, threshold, attack or release controls, but we added these features with a slight modification when we racked the refurbished modules. Having attack and release times makes this limiter much more flexible and sets it one one level with a fairchild 670 or a vintage Neve 2254 limiter. We also added two nice vertical NTP VU-Meters for gain reduction. Use this as a mastering or buss/stem compressor or for recordings in conjunction with a TAB V76 or a /2, V77, V78 in one of our VT7X racks to have the best available tube recording chain in the world.
19" 5ru rack. Powder-coated in deep black glossy. Nice print on both sides.
2x TAB U73 tube limiters. Refurbied and recapped with a lot of care.
Serial-numbers: 1164 and 1165
Release-time control added via ELMA rotary switch: 0,1 // 0,2 // 0,3 // 0,5 // 0,7 // 1
Attack-time control added via ELMA rotary switch: 0,5ms // 1ms // 2 // 5 // 10 // 20ms
2 NTP VU-meters with vertical scale show gain reduction. GRM-meters
Don´t miss this unique chance to own on of the most legendary (tube) compressors in a beautiful rack! 
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