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About our VT7X-Racks: All of our racks were scatched and manufactured after the highest claims of quality. The VT7X-Racks racks are made for the professional rackmount of one or two vintage german tube preamplifiers from the famous 1950´s V7x series. After WW2 manufacturers such as Maihak, Telefunken, TAB and Siemens built various tube preamps which followed the original 1949 V72 design. Our VT7x-Racks are the perfect new enclosure for any V72, V72a, V72b, V74, V77 or V78 tube mic preamp module. They are all more or less the same size, but some modification of the internal frames and gain control make it nessesairy to individually build each rack. Please allow 2-4 weeks build time for the manufacturing process. Also it is best to send in your modules, so we can test them and put them in the rack for you, since we also offer service for the modules you send in for racking. If that is not possible, we can send you a rack prepared for your modules too. 
Since each of the modules has a weight of more than 3kg, it was important to not only lock the modules in the frontplate but also add some internal attachment to build a rock solid design. The racks can now be shipped worldwide and will survive any upside down transport over over bumpy roads. 
Please also check the individual items descriptions of each rack and the various modules on our website and on our youtube channel.
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