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A lot has been said an written about analog summing vs. digital bounces. You can try google and you will find mayn articles explaining the theory behind the matter. Here´s our very short summary about analog summing: Summing up the individual tracks of your production in the analog domain offers a number of great advantages compared to the simple "bounce-function" within your DAW. While a digital system rounds off all values for level, pan, eq-ing and compression, analog technique operates with an infinitely high resolution, causing no rounding errors or digital distortionsThe most important aural advantages of analog summing are:

- More transparency
- More spatial depth
- Improved detection of the individual acoustic sources

Keep in mind: The positive effect of analog summing increases radically with a rising number of tracks!

With the Sonic Summarizer and the Sonic Summarizer PRO MKII, Vintagetools offers a unit based on original vintage parts (Haufe and Pikatron transformers) giving you the sound quality of an old LAWO or Neumann desk that cost a fortune back in the 1970´s. Some people say: "The sound is in the iron". Now have a look at those HUUUGE Haufe transformers and guess... :-)

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