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Here comes the solution for all of you who don´t want to miss the warmth and spatial depth of analog mixing while enjoying the comfort of automated mixing in the box (DAW).

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Introducing the new „Sonic Summarizer“ & „Sonic Summarizer Pro“, vintagetools now offers two summing amps fitted with the original analog vintage broadcast technique, that was used in the large-format consoles of the 70´s and 80´s. The “Sonic Summarizer (Pro)” contains original Neumann / Lawo summing & levelling amps, which were build to a time when pure quality was the only significant gauge. Transformer-balanced in- & outputs (Haufe & Pikatron), strictly first-class components, a reliable, conventional VT2448 power supply, intuitive design and an elaborate concept are the main features of the “Sonic Summarizer” and the “Sonic Summarizer Pro”.

Summing up the individual tracks of your production in the analog domain offers a number of great advantages compared to the simple "bounce-function" within your DAW. While a digital system rounds off all values for level, pan, eq-ing and compression, analog technique operates with an infinitely high resolution, causing no rounding errors or digital distortions.

The most important aural advantages of analog summing are:

- More transparency
- More spatial depth
- Improved detection of the individual acoustic sources

The positive effect of analog summing increases radically with a rising number of tracks!

Featurelist Sonic Summarizer PRO:
- 32 in 2 summing. 
- 2 balanced XLR outputs
- classic audio psu with either 115V or 230V input (not switchable) and 24V DC output
- handcrafted in germany
- additional remote fader in a beautiful wooden box
- additional VCA-card with large Haufe transformers
- external volume controll for the sweetspot
- transformer-balanced inserts in the masterbus



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